There are a great many resources available to US military veterans to help them get started in business after the termination of their service to the country.

Here are some of the most useful resources available to returning veterans.

Veteran Fast Launch Initiative

This organization offers training and mentoring to veterans, along with a number of other services, which are intended to assist veterans with getting started in the business world.

Veteran Entrepreneur Portal

This organization is an offshoot of the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, which is itself associated with the VA. This organization offers access to services and business tools, including financing chances and business education, as well as information about government programs and services.

Veteran Business Outreach Centers

Help through local communities is available through these organizations which are supported by the Small Business Administration. These centers assist veterans as they access resources for counseling, mentoring and business training, all within the context of a local community.

Business USA

This resource tool provides an interactive guide which assists business owners who are veterans, to find the most useful government agencies and local tools, so as to provide a boost to starting and growing a business.


This organization is supported by the VA and offers information for veteran owners who are seeking eligibility for the First Contracting Program. Veterans who are seeking VA contracts which have been established for veterans must go through this program for verification.

National Veteran Small Business Coalition

The way that this organization helps veterans is to promote policies which encourage veteran-owned businesses to participate in contracting opportunities offered by the federal government.

American Corporate Partners

A non-profit organization which connects veterans to business leaders, this group helps veterans receive career advice and mentorship from established business leaders. Some of the top corporations in the country provide leadership support for this organization.

SBA Contracting Support for Small-cap businesses

Veteran owners of businesses who are disabled from their service time can seek federal contracts through this organization. The program allows government agencies to set-aside contracts specifically for veteran owners of small businesses.

Victory Spark

An accelerator program which is focused on helping veteran-owned startups, this organization includes a 12-week instructional program, along with funding in the form of grants for those who complete the program successfully.


The website for Federal Business Opportunities offers a portal for owners of businesses seeking federal contracts. While it is not specifically set up for veteran-owned businesses, many of the contracts are set aside for veterans, so it ends up being of great assistance to veterans.

Got a veteran-owned business? 

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