The easiest way to improve your business’s reputation with its customers is by improving employees’ customer service skills. This article looks at several concrete ways to do that.

Prioritize Thick Skin

Thick skin is essential for employees who deal with customers. Another way to define this trait is as patience: Employees will likely deal with angry, irritable, or demanding customers from time to time. An important customer service trait is the temperament to not fly off the handle and escalate an already-tense situation.

Solicit (and Use) Feedback 

As pointed out on Social Media Today and numerous other outlets, a great way to boost your company’s customer service skills is by obtaining customer feedback and acting on it. Options for obtaining feedback include surveys by phone or email and a system for letting customers send in praise or complaints. Then, you can sharpen your employees’ customer service skills by letting them know what customers are enjoying and not enjoying.

Stress Active Listening

Active listening is an extremely important skill that anyone who works with customers should possess. Active listening involves giving one’s full attention to the person speaking, restating what they said, and responding with followup questions that both show you are listening and give the customer a chance to expand on what they are saying.

Stress Adaptability

Customer service employees should also strive to be adaptable. A skill that can help with this is the ability to remain calm when a new, unexpected challenge comes up.

Admit to Mistakes

Another essential trait is the willingness to admit mistakes. Denying a mistake won’t make the mistake go away; instead, it will just frustrate the customer more. On the other hand, owning up to a mistake can begin the process of repairing the relationship with the customer.

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