Your Receivables Can Be the Ticket to the Liquid Cash You Need

Looking for a way to be sure your business has access to enough liquid cash? Consider converting your invoices. Mossberg Strategic Capital has accounts receivable financing plans that can provide your business with cash when you need it. We’ll purchase your invoices from you so you don’t need to wait to collect payments from customers.

Gain the Confidence To Grow Your Business

The economy can never be predicted nor can you count on how many customers will be able to pay you on time. You’ll benefit from the comfort and security of knowing you can meet financial obligations and plan for future growth. When in doubt, gain the confidence you need by financing receivables through one of our programs.

Benefit from a Customized Program

We’ll create a unique accounts receivable program that will be designed to accommodate your business cycles, seasons and cash flows. When planning to meet your payroll, inventory or overhead, you’ll be assured of how much cash you’ll have on hand.

Our financing program advantages include:

  • Cash available in 24 hours
  • Cash amount determined by invoices
  • No personal guarantor needed
  • Repayment plans to match your schedule
  • Ability to place large orders for inventory or production
  • Cash without a loan board approval

Start Getting Cash for Your Receivables

Will your business perform better with a greater amount of available cash? Call us for a no-obligation no-fee consultation and we’ll show you how easy it is to convert your accounts receivables into liquid cash.