Purchase Order Financing Can Help You Fill Large, Unexpected Orders

If you own a production, wholesale, distribution or resale company, or any other business that deals with bulk product, you know that big orders can pop up unexpectedly. Unfortunately, you may not always have the capital you need to complete the orders. Mossberg Strategic Capital provides purchase order financing options to help you meet your company goals.

How It Works

If you qualify for purchase order financing, we’ll review your order and pay your supplier directly for the supplies you need to fill the order. Once you fulfill the order and your customer pays you, you can either receive the money and repay your loan or you can ask the customer to pay us back directly.

Benefits of Purchase Order Loans

There are several benefits to using our purchase order financing services. In addition to fulfilling larger orders for your customers and growing your business without increasing your debt, you can also:

  • Receive funding quickly and with flexible repayment terms
  • Expand your share of your industry’s market
  • Ensure you deliver to your customers in a timely fashion

Contact Us for More Information

If you would like to learn more about financing your purchase orders, get in touch with us at Mossberg Strategic Capital. We can answer any of your questions and help you begin the application process.