Is a Small Business Loan Right for You?

Sometimes, a traditional loan is the way to go. Mossberg Strategic Capital partners with the Small Business Administration to offer SBA loans for all types of businesses. Our partnership makes it easier to fill out applications, provide financials and receive funding since you’ll have an expert to help you along the way.

Basics of the Loan

When applying for a small business loan, you must provide credit information as well as full financials. We use this information, including a special focus on your company’s cash flow history, to determine whether traditional financing is right for you. If you qualify, we offer loans of up to $5 million. Other terms include:

  • Up to 90 percent financing
  • 25-year repayment terms
  • Full amortization
  • Qualification in as little as two days
  • Fixed and variable rates
  • 504 and 7a programs

Qualifying Businesses

Most businesses can apply for an SBA loan. We work with all types of companies, including gas stations, car dealerships and repair shops, car washes, hotels and motels and even veterinary practices. We have also worked with owners of childcare facilities, nonconforming properties and single-purpose buildings.

Using Your Capital

You can use the capital you receive in many ways. Business owners often spend the financing to purchase new property or renovate old ones, refinance or consolidate debt, advertise, pay employees and vendors and much more. SBA loans also cover equipment financing. Whether you need heavy machinery and trucking equipment, medical equipment or printing and binding machinery, small business financing will cover it. Dry cleaning businesses, restaurants and distributors are also known for using the capital for equipment.

Get Financing Today

Help your business grow today. Find out more about small business loans and how they can help your company by getting in touch with the finance experts at Mossberg Strategic Capital. A member of our team will be happy to answer questions and help you start the application process.