The modern business landscape is far different than it was a decade or so ago. Advancements with digital technologies have made it easier than ever for people in the workforce to get distracted while performing their jobs. This is true of people in every position along the chain of command. If you’re someone who sits in an executive position, it is important that you learn how to put your phone down and focus on whatever task is at hand. To help you along your way, here are a few tips on how successful executives are able to avoid distraction.

Take Breaks

It might seem strange that the first bit of advice on how to avoid distractions is to take breaks every now and again, but this is key to keeping yourself focused. Studies have shown that the mind works best when it is given time to break away from work and have a small window of time to relax. At least once an hour, you should get up from your desk and take a walk. Have a light conversation with another employee or grab a drink of water. When you return to your task, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to continue.

Restrict Your Online Excursions

Almost everyone uses a computer for work in the current day and age. While this makes people much more productive in some ways, it creates endless distractions in other areas. If you’re researching information for a client and take a moment to look at your Facebook profile, you could easily lose an hour or more endlessly scrolling through your newsfeed. There are a number of great apps and programs available to help block you from wandering while you’re using your internet browser, so take whatever steps are necessary to see success.

Limit Conversation

When you spend most of your waking life at your job, the people you work with become the people you see the most. In some cases, you might see these casual acquaintances more than your close friends and family members. This means it is easy to slip into long conversations when you have pressing work to finish. One of the best ways executives stay on top of their tasks is by knowing when they have the time to stand around and talk and when they need to be hard at work. Learn when to walk away from a discussion.

Successful executives avoid distractions by understanding what their biggest obstacles are and addressing them. Give yourself time to learn what your weak points are and get started on creating a more focused environment at work.