There are a number of opportunities presented by the transportation industry these days, so if you’re on entrepreneur looking to get started in a profitable business, this might be something you want to check out.

Here are some of the most appealing options currently trending in transportation.

Public taxi service

It’s very easy to get involved as an independent contractor in taxi service, for instance with a company like Uber. The appeal of this kind of profession is that startup costs are quite low, because you’re using your own vehicle, and all the real financial aspects are handled by Uber, while as an independent contractor, you are mostly responsible for overhead costs.

Limousine service

In order to become involved in limousine service, you have to have a stellar reputation, and you need to be extremely trustworthy, since people are relying on you to take them to places without really paying any attention to what you’re doing. You also need to make sure your vehicle is well-maintained and safe to operate.

Renting bicycles

In some sections of the country, renting bicycles presents a thriving business opportunity, especially in those areas where tourism is prevalent. To get started in this kind of business, you’ll need a storefront and of course a number of rental bikes for your customers.

Trucking industry

There has probably never been a better time to become involved in the trucking industry than at the present. A number of professional truckers have left the industry in recent years, partly for health reasons and partly due to increased regulation. However, if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and don’t mind the regulatory constraints, there is no doubt you can find a good-paying job in trucking.

Moving van business

It’s pretty easy to start your own small moving business, and you can expand your offerings by providing temporary storage for your customers. Startup costs are low, since you only have to purchase one or two trucks of various sizes, which can handle the type of moving you plan to do. You’ll need a place to park those trucks, and a storefront operate out of, and at least one other employee to help you move furniture and other household goods.

Funding in the transportation industry 

If your company is involved with the transportation industry, and you need funding to achieve business growth, we may be able to provide the financial assistance you need. Contact us at Mossberg Strategic Capital with any inquiries you may have, or so we can discuss some financing options.