The majority of business owners report that there are not enough talented candidates available in order to make good selections that will help their companies. While there may be a certain element of truth to that, it’s also true that a good number of candidates are simply overlooked, because you’re simply not thinking about them. Sound hiring advice calls for considering other pools of candidates which may not immediately come to mind.

Internal Candidates

It’s very easy to overlook internal candidates, because you may not be aware of skills that they have, and employers typically look outside the company first. Stay aware of your own internal talent pool, because you just may find the right candidate from among your own employees.

Candidates Who Are Introverts

Candidates who typically stand out in a hiring process are the more extroverted ones who call attention to themselves. Research has shown though, that introverted candidates often provide better results for employers than their extroverted counterparts. When interviewing such candidates, it would be good hiring advice to use questions that draw them out, so that you can uncover their true talents.


Very few companies actually have a formal referral program in place, and as a result, they lose out on a whole category of individuals who might be good candidates. If you do have a referral program in place, make sure there are legitimate incentives provided, so that it’s worthwhile for one of your employees to make such a referral.

Returning Employees

A good number of companies eliminate the possibility of hiring candidates who worked for the company before, especially when that employee voluntarily left the company for greener pastures. It’s entirely possible that a returning employee can provide the best value for your company, since he/she is already aware of company culture, and probably company processes as well. Solid hiring advice calls for giving these candidates strong consideration.

Is your company hiring new candidates? 

The hiring process has never been more expensive than it is today, with extensive background checks necessary, and costly talent searches to boot. At Mossberg Strategic Capital, we are committed to helping companies fund their hiring practices if that will help achieve your objectives. Contact us today to find out how we can help.