One of your most important assets as an entrepreneur is your time. In a sense, it’s even more valuable than money, because finances can be replaced through loans or other means, but once you’ve wasted time, it’s gone forever.

Here are some strategies for more effective time management that are sure to boost your productivity.

Make Efficiency Habitual

Maintaining good habits is a part of efficient time management. For instance, research shows that one of the best productivity-boosters for entrepreneurs is an early wake-up. Other habits that promote efficiency include keeping a regular diet of nutritious food and dressing in a specific fashion. When you schedule your time, don’t neglect to plan for small breaks throughout the day and longer vacation breaks. Additionally, spending time with family and friends provides relaxation that increases efficiency.

Organize Effectively

One of the basics of entrepreneurial time management is a daily to-do list. Write down everything that you need to accomplish on a day-to-day basis, giving priority to the most urgent tasks. Break down larger projects into multiple steps. The right business software can help you not only with time management, but also with social media, content publishing, marketing, and finances. Make it a habit to organize your goals in advance. This includes planning the upcoming day on the previous evening, and also preparing for the coming week on Friday afternoon before you leave for the weekend.

Avoid Distractions

Rather than allowing emails, text messages, phone calls, and social media to randomly interrupt your work, schedule specific times to focus on them, and otherwise avoid these distractions. Schedule meetings sparingly, and meticulously plan them in advance. A cluttered and untidy environment can also distract and delay you, so keep your physical and digital workspaces neat and well-organized. Studies show that multitasking drastically reduces efficiency. Focus on one task at a time.

Get Some Help

Sometimes it’s difficult to manage your time because you don’t share the load. Delegate some of your work to employees, or outsource it to freelancers. This enables you to concentrate on the tasks that only you can do.

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