Moving your customers from initial interest to a sale is a process that requires a strong strategy and patience along the way. The good news is that transportation companies can relate to the sales funnel and use their knowledge to facilitate a successful strategy.

  • Have a strong sales funnel. Your sales funnel will help you move prospective customers through the sales process from beginning to end. If you have a strong sales funnel, you’ll have a clear plan to interact with prospective customers at every stage of the process. That can help ensure that you give customers what they need to be satisfied with every engagement.
  • Track metrics. Once you put your sales funnel in place, it’s important to track metrics to see how your customers interact with the different elements of your website and organization. The more information you have, the easier it will be to invest your time and energy in the right places.
  • Stay on top of response times. One of the biggest reasons customers walk away before a sale is because they don’t get the information they need when they need it. Be sure that you respond quickly to customers at every stage of the sales funnel so they have what they need to keep moving forward toward a sale.
  • Keep the sales funnel moving. Even if your processes are working correctly, prospective customers can get stuck at different points in the sales funnel. Make sure your organization has a strategy in place to re-engage with stalled customers to keep them moving forward.
  • Keep the sales funnel narrow. If you’re losing customers before the sale even with re-engagement strategies, your segmentation or marketing might not be where they need to be. Take some time to analyze those aspects of your sales funnel to get things back on track.

With a strong sales funnel and related processes, your organization can keep moving prospective customers to a sale. Contact Mossberg Strategic Capitalfor all financing needs for transportation companies.